Simulated Convertible Tops – The Ultimate Aftermarket Statement.

We Americans have had a love affair with our cars since the first car rolled off the assembly line. In an effort to help our cars stand out, manufacturers have provided options like simulated convertible tops. Nothing will enhance the style, look and visibility of your ride more than a simulated convertible roof treatment. This aftermarket option helps you achieve your own special look and personalizes your car.

What are simulated convertible tops? These are roof treatments that make a car appear to be a convertible and give it a more unique and classy look.

Some car enthusiasts choose this look for a number of reasons:

  • They want their car to be conspicuous and, by extension, separate them from the crowd
  • They want the sporty look of a convertible without the cost and maintenance of a true convertible
  • Their car is a few years old and they want to give it a fresh look

Whatever the reason, the result of installing a simulated convertible top can be quite stunning. And the good part is that there are solutions for almost every make and model of car. Even better, the cost is very reasonable for the quality results you can achieve.

Simulation of a True Convertible

You also have a wide range of choices to suit your particular needs. You can choose a cloth or vinyl top. Cloth gives a better simulation of a true convertible than vinyl and it is more durable. You also have a choice of colors and of styles.

For example, you can choose a simulated convertible top which includes ribs that more closely resemble the look of a convertible top with its ribbed structure underneath. You can also choose a full top which covers your roof from windshield to rear window. If this is too much, choose a half top which only covers from the mid part of the roof back to the rear window. If your car has a moon roof and you choose a full top we’ve got you covered also. The full top can be fitted around the moon roof opening so you get the styling you want and the full use of the moon roof too. If you choose the half top it will stop just behind the moon roof.simulated convertible top

To give your car the ultimate classy look you have the option of adding embroidered logos, emblems and other trim. However, some enthusiasts want a truly sleek look and choose not to add logos or moldings. In short you are in control of how your car will look after you customize it.

Customization from Independent Aftermarket Manufacturers

Today, automakers don’t offer this kind of customization, either in their product line or as an option. So, if you want a simulated convertible top on your new car sometimes your dealer will arrange to have it installed. Generally a dealer will acquire the necessary parts from a reputable supplier and he will have the installation done either in his dealership or he will send the job out to a professional trim or restyling shop in the area, which is experienced in this kind of work.
Regardless which option the dealer selects it is very likely to be more expensive if you go through your dealer than if you decide exactly what look you want and go directly to the local installer yourself.

In today’s automotive market where designs across different manufacturers are so similar, almost as if the designers were reading each other’s minds, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Happily, there are independent manufacturers right here in the USA who recognize our ongoing desire for individuality and still produce aftermarket accessories, like simulated convertible tops, to allow us to declare our uniqueness in a positive way.