Simulated Carriage Tops – You Want Them, We’ve Got Them.

Whatever make or model of car you want to equip with a simulated convertible top there is a solution for you. Manufacturers serving this restyling aftermarket sector have a specific mold for each make and model of car and can make the fiberglass shell to order.

The top is custom made for your car. That is why it is so important to provide the exact make, model number and model year when you order your top.

The top consists of a number of parts such as a fiberglass shell, the covering material you selected – usually cloth today. You may also have selected logos and accessories to add additional style and distinction. Generally the manufacturer of the kit would not also install the top for you. The manufacturer usually is located in one city and customers want local installation services.simulated convertible tops

Network of Local Installers

The manufacturer has a national network of experienced installers, people who have been factory trained to install simulated convertible tops according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Generally, you can find one of these installers in your local area. They can get the job done for you, usually in one day.

The skin – cloth or vinyl depending on what you have selected – is laminated to the fiberglass shell. The shell is then securely attached to the metal roof. Then the moldings and any logos or accessories are fixed in place.

Whether your car is new, a few years old or is pre-owned the process of installing the top is the same. The fiberglass shell will be bigger or smaller depending on whether you selected a full or a half top. If your car comes with a moon roof it is important to communicate this information to the manufacturer so that the appropriate cut out can be made in the fiberglass shell at the factory.

A Little Loving Care Goes a Long Way

Unlike a steel roof, a cloth or vinyl roof is more prone to aging and discoloration due to chemicals in the environment and even in rain. So your top will need a little more care and attention if it is to look in tip top shape for as long as you own your car.

The process of having a simulated convertible top installed on your car is very easy and, with a little care, it will make your car stand out in a positive way for many years.